Additional Home Inspections

Additional Home Inspections – Buying a house is a big purchase and you want everything to be just right. Ace Home Inspections of Hudson Valley offers the following services for those who need them.


Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that has been shown to cause cancer. The Surgeon General has listed it as the second leading cause of lung cancer and it can build up inside of homes.  Having Ace Home Inspecitons of Hudson Valley test for radon is an easy way to get piece of mind. 
Click on the picture to read what the EPA has to say about Radon and why you should test for it before buying your home.
Septic Dye Testing – since septic systems are located underground it is not possible to visually inspect them. Dye testing will show any leaks in the interior piping and will indicate it the tank is full and needs attention. Ace Home Inspections of Hudson Valley can perform this test during your inspection and let you know if there are immediate issues to address.
Well Water Testing – Wells are a common source of water in this area and it is a good idea to have yours tested before moving into your home. Click on the picture to see more about coliform contamination and why you should have Ace Home Inspections of Hudson Valley inspect your water before you buy.

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