Buyers Inspection

The most common inspection is the buyers inspection – one of the best ways to make sure you get what you pay for.  A professional home inspector will do a complete visual noninvasive inspection to determine what condition the home is in. 

ken1A buyers home inspection will checking the basic components of the house – which include electric, plumbing, roof, foundation and exterior.  The exterior check will include looking for any issues that could compromise the structures integrity.  The inspection will also look closely at the foundation which is the key support for the home.  Plumbing and electric will be investigated to determine if they are functioning properly.

ken2Heating and cooling are major concerns to any home buyer.  My experience with all types of heating – boilers, furnaces, steam and wood burning – allows me to evaluate the systems functionality during the home inspection.  Central air conditioning, when it’s present, will also be part of the routine home inspection – season permitting.

Interior areas that ken3are checked during a home inspection include the appliances, walls ceiling floors, fixtures and even fireplaces – when they are present.

ken4Decks, porches, patios  – overtime materials fail and could become safety issues. Your home inspection will find any issues and let you know how serious they are.

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